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Apr 12, 2021

We are in SZN 2!! This season we are going beyond our povot to exploring how we can turn our purpose into profit. So last season we talked about how we can Pivot into Purpose which ended with the Pushed Into Purpose Summit that addressed how we pivot in our faith, relationship, careers, business and mindset. It was amazzzinng!!! If you missed it no worries it is still available by checking out the link below.

On this episode I give a brief summary about the summit and then answer the what?? Now you've made that pivot we are in the season of executing and seeing exactly how our purpose can benefit the kingdom by benefiting others and ourselves.

Listen to how I do a case analysis on Jesus' last days on earth and how he carried out his purpose on purpose! When it is your time to execute do it with the right strategy and intentionality. Many times we just want to move ahead with no guidance and no strategy. And while yes this will get you going it won't really keep you going. So what is your action plan? I formed what I term 'Jesus' 10 part strategy' to help you move into your new season. Which steps will you implement right away?

Purpose Tools:

Access to the Pushed Into Purpose Summit: