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Aug 13, 2020

Continuing with our one year Anniversary relays featuring the top 5 listened to episodes, at No. 2 we have a very important episode which I'm so glad made No. 2 because it reveals that listeners are thinking about their health and want to know the benefits to living a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Judy Brangman is not your ordinary doctor as she promotes preventative healthcare and incorporating a plant based diet as part of her patients' recovery process.


What does your diet have to do with your purpose? Everything!! To perform at optimal level we must ensure our health is at an optimal level. On this episode, Dr. Brangman breaks down the benefits of preventative medical care, encourages a plant based diet and how she uses her medical expertise to provide her audiences with evidence based information that will enable them to stay healthy, get healthy, and in some cases take less medications. She also uses nutritional counseling, prescribes physical activity, stress management techniques, and other non-pharmacologic ways to manage medical conditions. 

Dr. Brangman is a board certified Internal Medicine physician. She is certified in plant based nutrition and is plant based herself and her goal is to help YOU achieve lasting wellness!