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Oct 21, 2019

On this episode Gaynete' Jones, the ultimate goal getter, shares with us the 'why' behind her passion and purpose for helping millennial women turn their passions into profit, creating a life of comfort, fulfillment and freedom for themselves. She is a Millennial mentor, motivational speaker, best-selling author, podcaster and founder of G.A.M.E Changing industries.

Her 'why' stems from experiencing three separate tragic moments that made her change her perspective about her purpose in life: being held at gunpoint in Venezuela and having both of her parents being diagnosed with cancer. She talks about why it is necessary for Millennial women to do what they She also gives tips for leaving your 9 to 5 which she has packaged as a full program called 'The Cubicle Ditch' Free Webinar (you can register via the link below).


Having studied the behaviours, fears and desires of Millennials (and being a Millennial herself), she is the go-to Freedom Slayer to assist this often misinterpreted generation to shine brightly. Gaynete's has been featured in the likes of MSN MoneyYahooMediumRefinery29The Huffington PostBlack Enterprise and Success, to name a few. She serves thousands of ambitious women through her newsletter, webinars, membership and programs.


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