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Dec 16, 2019

This week I got to interview the woman who I secretly admired for her bold moves and who inspired me to launch the Pushed Into Purpose Podcast. My fellow Bermudian, Lene' Hypolite, is the host of the Glow Up Podcast which has charted in the top 100 Apple Business Podcasts. In this episode she talks about why she started the Glow Up, how that transitioned into the Glow Up Summit and why she is intentionally transparent about her struggles. She is the queen of 'DNP' (done, not perfect) and defines the Glow Up as an internal process, not external. 

She shares about the importance of:

  • Having goals and a strategy
  • Having belief in yourself, and
  • How success is who you become along the journey


Instagram: @iamcarlageorge | @pushedintopurposepodcast




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